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Highlight of the Week

What do you associate with Easter? Probably for a majority of people it is about chocolate eggs and bunnies, combined with a sense that it is now spring, and summer is on its way. None of which has anything to do with the life and death of Christ.

Last week the BBC published a number of surveys about how many people believed in ‘life after death’ and the ‘literal resurrection’. These questions also seemed to miss the mark. Christians do not celebrate life after death as a form of unknown immortality that simply and naturally stretches our existence on and on. Nor is it clear what ‘literal resurrection’ means: it suggests that Jesus’ resurrection might be one of a number of options, as if resurrection has happened a number of times, and that metaphorical resurrection might be a possibility.

English is unfortunate in having Easter as the name of this festival because it obscures what it is about. In other countries it would be called Pasch, which would remind us that this is the Christian Passover. This is a festival of life, but not the normal change of the seasons demonstrated by spring, or about some sense of ongoing immortality. Rather it marks that Christ has passed over from death to life, death has been conquered, and the presence of the Kingdom made a reality in our lives.

This is not about a natural continuity of the seasons, or of an immortal soul, but rather it is about radical discontinuity. Sin and death have been overcome on the cross, and Christ has risen from the dead to die no more. This is not just about life, or a quantity of life, but about a quality of life. Christ dies and rises again in order that every human might enjoy the fullness of life with God. The first day of the week sees creation remade, so that it may enjoy everlasting Sabbath in the presence of God. The bodily resurrection is a visible symbol of this re-creation.

The Easter Vigil has reminded us of that sense of a new light being kindled in darkness, of us being buried in baptism and rising to new life. As we take our rest after Easter, the Christian community is asked to remember that it now partakes of, and will eventually enjoy in its fullness, the eternal rest of God. So whether you decide in the next week to connect with your family tree, make a bath bomb, listen to a recital, or just enjoy the sunshine, remember that you have been re-created to enjoy the Sabbath of God.

 The Reverend Canon Dr Anthony Rustell
Residentiary Canon

Welcome to Bishop Michael Turnbull, former Bishop of Durham, our preacher during Holy Week and this evening.
Service and Events Listings The new editions are now available.


Annual Parochial Church Meeting The APCM will take place on Sunday 30th April at midday. A copy of the 2016 Annual Report and Accounts are on display in the Cathedral and here. If you Copies are available from the Cathedral Offices.  Annual Reports will be available next week. Elections for the two congregational representatives on Cathedral Council and three Deanery Synod representatives will take place at the meeting. Elections for our two churchwardens will take place at the Annual Vestry meeting which takes place at the same time.  If you would like to know more about any of these important roles please speak to a member of Chapter. Nomination forms are available through the Cathedral Offices.
Electoral Roll The Electoral Roll has been reviewed and is now on display in the Welcome Area.
Parish Giving Scheme and Gift Aid The Cathedral uses is registered with the scheme, a way of giving regularly, with or without Gift Aid. All money donated will come to the Cathedral. Please pick up one of the booklets or contact the Cathedral Offices for details. Offertory tokens are available in the Welcome Area for those who have already registered for the scheme.  Those who donate under Gift Aid are reminded that if they pay insufficient tax to cover the amount claimed they are personally liable for the shortfall.
Living Faith Course – Module 5 – Exploring the Bible Old Testament will start on Wednesday 26th April. This module gives an overview of the formation and theology of the Old Testament, along with specialist themes such as prophecy. For further details about this 10 week course please contact sarah.lovatt@portsmouthcathedral.org.uk in the Cathedral Offices.
Have you got a warm heart and a downstairs loo? Would you be willing to host a group of elderly guests for tea and cake for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, once or twice a year? If the answer is yes – please contact the Jill.Phipps@portsmouthcathedral.org.uk or 07710 394351.
Cathedral House The seriously corroded gate at the west end of the building has been removed on Health and Safety grounds. Chapter is to consider its replacement in due course.
Vacancies We are looking for a Finance Officer (24 hours per week), an Assistant Verger (20 hours per week), and a Choir Matron to join the staff team. Full details are on the website, closing date Wednesday 19th April.
Christian Aid Week begins with a Big Breakfast on Sunday 14th May and continues with our usual house-to-house collection. Please put the breakfast in your diary and consider whether you could collect from even just a small part of Old Portsmouth. It really makes a difference! Contact Sue Ward on: 023 9287 7239 or: sueandterryinpk@yahoo.com. Thank you.
Organ Stop A model of the new Spanish Trumpet en chamade, which will be installed in August, is on display in the Nave.   Contributions to this exciting project can be made through JustGiving http://bit.ly/2pwOGga  or one of the leaflets in the Cathedral.

Lunchtime Live 1.10pm Thursday 20th April.  The summer season starts this week with an organ and trumpet recital by David Price and Tristan Button. Refreshments from 12.30pm. Retiring collection.
Silver Screen Film – “Singin’ in the Rain” (1952) 2.00pm Tuesday 25th April Free film screening following Cathedral Lunch Club in Becket Hall.
Junior Sing! 9.30-11.00am Saturday 6th May if your child is aged 7-11 and loves to sing please contact oliver.hancock@portsmouthcathedral.org.uk.
‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ exploring ecology and the environment through science, faith, and the arts.
Family Tree Exhibition Monday 17th April to Friday 19th May. An exhibition of sculpture and prints exploring the ways we are all connected using the tree as its central metaphor by artist Rafael Klein, at the Cathedral and the Jack House Gallery. Opening reception 7.00pm Thursday 20th April. More details http://rafaelklein.com/familytree/. Free.
Workshop with Lush Pompey 10.30am and 12.30pm Friday 21st April. Two one-hour workshops where you can create your own ‘Bath Bomb’ and find out more about the sustainable and ethical practices of Lush.  Cost £2.00 per person.  http://bit.ly/2oMkmB9.
Messy Cathedral with Rock Pool Encounter Saturday 29th April. Two 30 minute sessions, each for 30 children, at 2.00pm and 2.30pm provided by the Blue Reef Aquarium. All families are welcome to join in. Additional craft activities, worship, and afternoon tea.

All those in need including: Aidan, David, Allan, Vic, Martin, Suzie Dryden and family
And those who have died: Linda Brooks, , Sasha Forster, Dennis Gillard, Eileen Leach, Mary MacVicar (priest) (Cathedral funeral 1.30pm Friday 28th April), Malcolm Savage (Cathedral Memorial Service 3.00pm Saturday 22nd April), and David Worster RIP.

The full notices are on the following link:  Notices 16 Apr 17




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