Portsmouth Cathedral Notices Sunday 2nd April 2017


In many ways this Sunday, the fifth Sunday of Lent, signifies a calm before the storm as reflected in our music and readings today. Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter will soon be with us. Our lessons today even point to Jesus’ triumph over death on Easter Day.

The ‘storm’ of Palm Sunday tests and strains our emotions. We begin a journey through Holy Week, led by Bishop Michael Turnbull that day and throughout the week. It is a journey I find, quite rightly, uncomfortable and challenging. We follow Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem in our Palm Sunday Liturgy, though the mood of our service quickly turns to the crowd’s betrayal and Christ’s death. Between the C15th and C17th in England, Palm Sunday was frequently marked by the burning of Jack-‘o’-Lent figures. This was a straw effigy which would be stoned and abused on Ash Wednesday, and kept in the parish for burning on Palm Sunday. The symbolism was believed to be a kind of revenge on Judas Iscariot, who had betrayed Christ.

How saddening it is to see humanity’s capacity for demonization and hatred throughout history. The interpretation of Judas’ role in the gospels has been hotly debated, not least in Reformation times and in the current era. Was Judas pre-destined to betray the Son of Man? Did he have no free-will? Was he possessed by Satan? Surely God’s love and capacity to forgive stretches to even one such as him? Our complicity in the role of the crowd should unsettle and challenge us every year.

There is a new window in St Nicholas Church, Moreton in Dorset that depicts Judas committing suicide in grief and remorse. The image is only apparent from outside the building and you cannot see Judas inside the church. It seems our capacity to forgive is often checked and limited, even now.

David Price
Organist and Master of Choristers

The Dean is at All Saints’, Ryde; Canon Anthony is at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake and St Saviour’s, Shanklin; and the Revd Dawn Banting is with the Army Training Regiment Winchester.
Welcome to the Choir of St Deny’s Rotherfield, leading the music at our services whilst the choirs are on holiday and to members of The HMS Indefatigable Association joining us during their final reunion. The association’s standard was laid up in the Cathedral in 2007, articles about the ship appear in the Friends’ Yearbook and Spring Newsletter.
Service and Events Listings The new editions are now available.
Parish Giving Scheme Those who give through the scheme are invited to pick up a token from the Welcome Area to place into the offertory plate. If you would like details of the scheme which allows you to give regularly, with or without Gift Aid and anonymously if desired, please pick up one of the booklets or contact the Cathedral Offices.

Clergy Appointment Matt Bray, who is to be ordained deacon here on Saturday 1st July, has been invited to be a stipendiary Assistant Curate shared between the Cathedral and Harbour Church. This is an exciting appointment and, in addition to the normal training a curate would receive, Matt will bring his experience of working with young people to both worshipping communities and encourage collaboration between the two. He will also take on the ‘Pop Up Cathedral/Festival Church’ project which will engage with the many festivals and events that occur within the Diocese and ultimately aim to establish a new worshipping community. Please join us in welcoming Matt, and his wife Fiona, and praying for them as they plan their move and this next stage of their life.
Easter Workshop On Tuesday Sarah Page, our Education Officer, visited Catherington Church to support their school Easter workshops. 64 Year 3 children from Horndean Junior School learned about Christian symbols, Lent and the Paschal Candle. Two children also dressed up as a Bishop!

Revision of Electoral Roll The Electoral Roll is being reviewed until 14th April. A copy of the roll is on display in the Welcome Area.  Please check it carefully and submit amendments using the slips provided. Those wishing to be added to the Electoral Roll should fill in and return an application form.
Spiritual Counsel or Confession If you would like to take spiritual counsel or make confession before Easter please speak to one of the clergy direct.
Cathedral Council The agenda for Tuesday’s meeting is on the following link Cathedral Council agenda 4 Apr 17. Elections for two congregational representatives, currently Shirley Grayson-Smith and Nick Speller, together with three Deanery Synod Representatives, will take place at the APCM on 30th April.  Churchwardens will also be elected (by those living in the parish or on the Electoral Roll).  Please speak to one of the clergy if you would like to know more about these roles. Nomination forms are available through the Cathedral Offices.
Palm Sunday Our 10.30am service starts at Grand Parade before the procession to the Cathedral. A donkey will lead the procession. Donations of greenery can be left in the Cloister from Thursday.
Parking The two hour parking in the residents’ parking areas is due to be reduced to one hour. A limited number of spaces will normally be available on the west front for volunteers and those in the congregation with mobility issues who do not have blue badges. Details from the Cathedral Offices.
Quiet Afternoon 2.00-4.30pm Wednesday 12th April. The first of this year’s sessions will be a guided reflection on the theme of ‘Working from a place of rest’.  All welcome but booking essential through the Cathedral Shop.
Easter Lilies If you would like a loved one remembered through the donation of a lily to be used in our decorations at Easter, please pick up one of the leaflets from the Cathedral.
Cathedral Shop Meaningful Chocolate Easter Eggs are in stock price £3.99.
Kitty Price I’m coming to the end of a (very boring) month without chocolate to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. If anyone would like to sponsor me they can follow the link or give me money in person. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dechox2017kittyprice.
Vacancies We are looking for a Finance Officer (24 hours per week) and an Assistant Verger (20 hours per week) and a Choir Matron to join the staff team. Full details are on the website, closing date Wednesday 19th April.

Craft and Chat Group Thursday 6th April at 2.30pm in the Bishop Kenneth Room. New members welcome.
Lent Lecture 7.00pm this Wednesday 5th AprilProfessor Dave Goulson is a British biologist, conservationist, and Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex. Dave specialises in the ecology and conservation of bumblebees. Please join us at this ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ annual theme event to learn more about the importance of the conservation of bees to our environment.

All those in need including: Frank, Dennis, Aidan, Jen, Graeme, David, Allan, Julian, Vic, and Susie.
And those who have died: Linda Brooks, Philip Haskell, Bob Higgins, Gillian Purcell, Malcolm Savage (Cathedral Memorial Service 3.00pm Saturday 22nd April), Stuart Wilson, and David Worster RIP.

This week’s notices are on the following link: Notices 2 April 2017



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